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Project Team Collaboration #PMHangout35

Project Team Collaboration #PMHangout35

Team Collaboration was the topic of the 35th hangout of the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community. In this community of project managers and others who enjoy discussing project management topics, we have a weekly hangout which is hosted via Google+ Hangout. These hangouts are held each Friday at 9:00am pacific time.

In this hangout, Mark Phillipy discusses team collaboration and its impact and importance on project management. If you think about the definition of collaboration it is “the action of working with someone to produce or create something”. I would add to that definition the fact that the team should be working together to complete a task or set of tasks to achieve shared goals.

Concepts that were discussed during the hangout

Things that distract from good team collaboration

  • Silo corporate culture which discourages collaboration between teams
  • Closed mindset which discourages individuals from communicating with each other

Ways to increase team collaboration

  • Collocation teams
  • Create “war rooms” when short intense team collaboration is required
  • Improve the physical configuration of the workplace to encourage collaboration
  • Hold daily stand-ups to encourage the team to talk with each other and create accountability to team members
  • Use collaboration tools to aid in team communications such as:
    • SharePoint
    • Instant Messenger
    • Video Conferencing with tools such as Webex or Google+ Hangouts
    • OneNote
    • Electronic Whiteboards
  • Nothing is better than face to face communications
  • Brainstorming sessions

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