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SensiblePM 011 | Project Management Challenge

SensiblePM 011 | Project Management Challenge

On this episode of the Sensible Project Manager Podcast, I was pleased to be joined by five thought leaders in the project management community who took the “Project Management Challenge”. Each panelist approached the challenge using their favorite project management methodology or framework. This event was held using Google+ Hangouts and if you wish you can watch the video of the “Project Management Challenge” from the #PMHangout27 page.

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The panel consisted of the following panelists:


  • Elaine Jackson, PMP
  • Matthew Davis, PMP, MCITP


  • Simon Buehring

Agile / Scrum

  • Alan Dayley
  • David Hammerslag, PhD

It was fun to see how each panelist approached the challenge and I learned a lot about the different methodologies or frameworks. It was personally interesting for me to learn more about Prince2, as I have not had previous exposure to this framework. During the challenge, there seemed to be a lot of interest in the Agile approach, in fact I even noticed a little favoritism, by all panelists, leaning toward Agile nearing the end of the discussion.

Project Management Challenge

This is the actual challenge that was given the panelists.

You are a Project Management Consultant and a company has engaged you to help them successfully deliver a mission critical initiative their client who is a municipality in their region. Your challenge is to describe how you would approach the project to meet the challenges and help the company deliver a successful project using your preferred project management methodology. These are the key points and challenges for this project:

  • The project is to implement a solution which would replace the city’s public transportation scheduling system
  • The city has chosen to not go with an out of the box solution because they have not been able to find an existing solution that fits their needs which includes scheduling for bus, subway, ferry, and van pools.
  • Your client will be developing the solution from ground up.
  • The system will have to integrate with both the existing fair system and the city’s accounting system.
  • Your client is an accomplished software development company which have used multiple project management and development methodologies (you can assume they are versed with your favorite methodology)
  • The city has the usual constraints of budgets, time frames, etc.

Resources and Links that will help you learn more about each framework:


You can find out more about PMI at the website.


You can find out more about Prince2 at the Prince2 Official Website.

Agile / Scrum

You can find the Agile Manifesto here.

You can find out more specifics about Scrum at the Scrum Aliance.

Question?  Leave me a voice-mail

If you have a question about anything that was discussed in this episode you can ask the question right now using voice-mail. Just select the “Send Voice-mail” button on the right side of the screen.

Also, I would love to hear your thoughts about future topics for the podcast or any other way I can help you in your Project Management career.  Just leave me a voice-mail and I may feature your question or comment in a future episode.


Now that you have heard how these five thought leaders would approach the “Project Management Challenge”, share in the comments below how you would address the challenge using your favorite project management methodology or framework.

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