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CAPM02 | Project Life Cycle and Project Management Processes – Preparing for the CAPM

CAPM02 | Project Life Cycle and Project Management Processes – Preparing for the CAPM

Terri Echegoyen and Mark Phillipy continue to study for the CAPM exam. In this session we cover Chapter 2 Organizational Influences and Project Life Cycle and Chapter 3 Project Management Processes of the PMBOK. This is the second session in the mentoring series “Preparing for the CAPM”. Mark and Terri study together out of the fifth edition of the PMBOK as Terri gets ready to take the CAPM exam.

Preparing for the CAPM Series


I received such great feedback about “Preparing for the CAPM” series, I have decided to increase its value to those who are preparing to take the CAPM exam. In doing so, I have packaged the series into a full blown CAPM Prep program. The new and better series is the center of the site. Select here to learn more about the SensiblePM CAPM Prep Program.

What is covered in this Session?

During the podcast you will learn

  • Organizational Influences on Project Management
    • The how an organizational structure and culture influences how project management is done.
    • You will learn about project stakeholders.
    • Project governance will be defined and you will learn how that governance impacts the success of a project.
    • There is a discussion about the composition of project teams
    • You will learn about the characteristics of the Project Life Cycle and different phases of a project.
  • Project Management Processes
    • You will learn about the different process groups
      • Initiating Process Group
      • Planning Process Group
      • Executing Process Group
      • Monitoring and Controlling Process Group
      • Closing Process Group
    • You will also be introduced to the 10 Knowledge Areas

Question? Leave me a voice-mail

If you have a question about anything that was discussed during this session you can ask the question right now using voice-mail. Just select the “Send Voicemail” button on the right side of the screen.

You can also send me an email using the “Contact Me” form by following the menu item above.

I will respond to any questions you have and we might even address them in future sessions as Terri studies for the CAPM exam.


I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below regarding your experience in preparing for either the CAPM or PMP exam. If you have tips for others on how to prepare for the test, I am sure others would appreciate the suggestions.

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