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SPM 029 | Project Communications with Elizabeth Harrin

SPM 029 | Project Communications with Elizabeth Harrin

Good communication skills are critical for any successful project manager. Aspiring Project Manager, Jared Coffin, wants to improve his communication skills and receives excellent guidance from Elizabeth Harrin.

During the Podcast

During this episode Jared, had several questions about project communications. Elizabeth Harrin, from A Girls Guild to Project Management and myself answered his questions.

Questions about Project Communication

The components of step three are:

  • How do I balance the time I communicate with the Project Team and the other Stakeholders?
  • How do you communicate with stakeholders regarding the management of project scope?
  • What type of meetings should a project manager hold, and how often?
  • What are the preferred methods of communications?
  • What is the best way to ask help from others outside of the project?

Communications Plan

During our discussion, we learned about the importance of developing a communications plan. During the planning stages of a project, a communication plan should be developed to identify who, what, and when information is communicated to stakeholders.

Stakeholder Analysis

Also, during the planning phase of a project the project manager should perform a stakeholder analysis. This will allow the PM to develop a valid communications plan.


Elizabeth suggested using a wiki, which is a website that provides a method of sharing information in a collaborative way.

Resources Mentioned this Session

Elizabeth Harrin’s Blog: A Girls Guild to Project Management
Elizabeth Harrin’s Books:

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