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CAPM10 | Project Communications Management – Preparing for the CAPM

CAPM10 | Project Communications Management – Preparing for the CAPM

Terri Echegoyen and Mark Phillipy continue to study for the CAPM exam. In this session we cover Chapter 10 Project Communications Management of the PMBOK. This is the tenth session in the mentoring series “Preparing for the CAPM”. Mark and Terri study together out of the fifth edition of the PMBOK as Terri gets ready to take the CAPM exam.

Preparing for the CAPM Series


I received such great feedback about “Preparing for the CAPM” series, I have decided to increase its value to those who are preparing to take the CAPM exam. In doing so, I have packaged the series into a full blown CAPM Prep program. The new and better series is the center of the site. Select here to learn more about the SensiblePM CAPM Prep Program.

What is covered in this Session?

During the podcast you will learn about the following Communications Management Processes:

  • Plan Communications Management
  • Manage Communications
  • Control Communications

You will also learn some key concepts about Communications Management including:

  • Basic Communication Model
  • Different ways communications occur
  • Mark & Terri’s thoughts on how to make meetings more effective.

Importance of Communications to a Project Manager

Some have estimated that a project manager spends 85% – 90% of their time communicating. Communications is such an important part of project management, development of your communication skills is essential to becoming a successful project manager. I encourage any project manager to continually study and develop your communications skills.

Schedule Your Exam

With only a few more sessions before the end of this series, if you have not yet scheduled to take your exam, I encourage you to do so today. I found as I prepared to take the PMP exam, once I scheduled my exam, that commitment increased my focus and helped be be prepared. So…go schedule for your exam right now.

Share with your friends

If you are enjoying this series and it is helping you prepare for either the CAPM or PMP exam I would ask that you please share this with a coworker or friend. I am very interested in sharing this series with as many project managers as possible.

Thank you for sharing!


I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below regarding your experience in preparing for either the CAPM or PMP exam. If you have tips for others on how to prepare for the test, I am sure others would appreciate the suggestions.

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