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Top 10 Reasons Project Managers Love Leap Years

Top 10 Reasons Project Managers Love Leap Years

Let’s face it; sometimes it can be stressful being a project manager.  Whenever I feel the pressure of the job pressing down on me, I have to stop and lighten things up a little.   With this year being leap year I thought I would take a moment and put a different perspective on life and the profession I have chosen.

Here are the top 10 reasons The Sensible Project Manager loves leap years.

10.  366 days instead of 365 days to meet your schedule.

9.  One additional day means there is one less day you need to slide your schedule.

8.  One more day to argue which is better…Agile or Waterfall.

7.  An extra day to study for your PMP exam.

6.  One more day to break the bad news to your sponsor.

5.  One more day for someone to change the scope of the project.

4.  You can never have enough time to plan.

3.  One more day…one more risk.

2.  One additional day…one extra status report.

And the # 1 reason project managers love leap years:

1. One more day to …”Herd Cats“.

Now that I have shared with you my top 10 reasons PM’s love leap year, I would love to hear from you.  Please share additional reasons in the comments to this post at

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