“What does project management mean to me” was the topic for the 14th hangout of the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community and is a follow-up of the recent #PMFlashBlog. In this community of project managers and others who enjoy discussing project manager topics, we have a weekly hangout which is hosted via Google+ Hangout. These hangouts are held each Friday at 9:00am pacific time.

On September 25th, 2013 70+ project management bloggers participated in the first ever #PMFlashBlog.  The topic that each blogger wrote about was “What does project management mean to me”.  During this hangout, three of the participants of the #PMFlashBlog shared their thoughts about and discussed each of their individual blog posts on the subject.  Once again this week the same topic was discussed in the #PMChat on Twitter.

The following are three of the project managers who participated in the #PMFlashBlog and shared their thoughts in the #PMHangout.

Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly’s post was a call to project managers everywhere to step up their game and fill the role as a leader for their organization and lead your teams to deliver successful project.  His post can be found here:



Francis Hooke

Francis Hooke’s post was delivered like a religious sermon and is quite fun to read.  His message is that project management requires adherence to project management methodologies and processes, along with a lot more.  His post can be found here:



Mark Phillipy

Mark Phillipy’s post centered around the importance of understanding the project vision, rallying your team around that vision and delivering value to the customer.  My post can be found here:


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