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SPM 024 | Meet Aspiring Project Manager Jared Coffin

SPM 024 | Meet Aspiring Project Manager Jared Coffin

This is the first in what is anticipated will be a long running series where the Sensible Project Manager mentors an aspiring project manager. Today you will meet Jared Coffin, who we will get to know during the coming months as he shares his journey into project management.

During the Podcast

Meeting Jared Coffin

Today Jared is a web developer who has a degree in Aeronautic Management Technology from Arizona State University. With experience as a developer, pilot and fight trainer, he has decided that he wants to become a project manager. During the episode I explore Jared’s goals and uncover his level of knowledge about project management.

Becoming a Project Manager

In 2013 PMI published a report Industry Growth Forecast, which projects that 15.7 million project management roles will be added worldwide between 2010 & 2020. Additionally, salaries for project managers will increase in the same time period. Clearly there is a great demand for more project managers. If you are not a project manager today, I encourage you to consider this as a great career choice.

Being a Mentor

For those of you who are experienced project managers I encourage you to find an aspiring project manager and offer to mentor them as they enter the project management field. Many of you had mentors to help guide you as you became a project manager. Now is the time for you to step up and give back to the disciple.

The Aspiring Project Manager Series

The goal of this mentoring series is threefold:

  • Help Jared Coffin become a project manager and guide him through his first role as a PM.
  • Provide guidance for aspiring project managers as they break into the project management discipline.
  • Encourage seasoned project managers to establish a mentorship relationship with an aspiring project manager by providing a framework for that mentorship.

I don’t know how long this series will last, but I expect it to be several months or even a year or more, and I am committed to fulfilling these three goals during the series.

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