Michel Dion recently published a book called Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers: Achieve better results in a dynamic world. Michel joined me on #PMHangout41 to discuss leadership concepts as presented in his book. This was one of the many PMHangouts in the ongoing series of broadcasts sponsored by the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community on Google+.

During the podcast

Burden of the New Role

The path to project management for many is acquired as you rise through the ranks and gain experience on projects as an individual contributor. As you become a project manager, you have to learn to accept the “burden of the new role”. You learn new terminology, along with accepting the role of a leader. It is important to lead including being willing to provide solutions to management and often making tough decisions. As you accept the burden of the new role, you will increase your skills as a leader.

Leadership Requires Courage

Often you have to make difficult decisions, and some might not necessarily be accepted by all. At times, leadership requires you to provide direction to your team which might not be popular. A true leader learns that they need to be willing to make those tough decisions or be strong with their team when necessary. Be courageous as a leader.

Honesty, Dependability and Trust

It is important that you build trust with both your team and those to which you report. As you are honest and dependable in your deliveries, you will build trust with those with which you associate with.

Leadership and Project Management

What is it that makes a project manager a leader? First a leader needs to be a good manager, meaning that he needs to be able to properly manage those things he has responsibility for such as budget, people and other resources. Leadership requires you to have a good vision of the goal and the ability to develop the strategies to fulfil that vision.

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I highly recommend this book. Select my affiliate link here to purchase Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers: Achieve better results in a dynamic world

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