“Favorite Project Management Tools” was the topic for the 5th hangout of the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community. In this community of project managers and others who enjoy discussing project manager topics, we have a weekly hangout which is hosted via Google+ Hangout. These hangouts are held each Friday at 9:00am pacific time. Up to 10 people can join the hangout and those not making it to the hangout can view the conversation via Hangouts “On-Air”.

In this hangout +Mark Phillipy was joined by +Mohieddine Saddeh from Lebanon.  During the hangout we shared our favorite project management tools.

During the hangout we discussed the following project management tools and resources:

  • Books – It is important to remember that there are many books a project manager can reference both for personal learning as well as for helping them while executing a project.  Some examples of this are:
    • PMBOK – Published by PMI
    • There are several authors who talk about project management, one author mentioned was Rita Mulcahy.
  • Online – There are many sources on the internet for project management.  The following were discussed.
    • Podcasts
      • Podcasts can be a great resource to prepare for PMI certification and/or a means in which you can earn up to 30 PDU’s.
      • The Project Management Podcast
        • The Project Management Podcast is hosted by Cornelius Fichtner
        • This is a great resource to prepare for PMI Certification
    • Blogs
      • There are many people who share their thoughts via blogs.  This can be a great source for information as well.  No specific resource was mentioned.
  • Techniques
    • Brainstorming Tools
      • Sticky Pad – a simple sticky pad was mentioned as a tool that can be used to help a team brainstorm.
  • Project Templates / Documents – The use of project templates and documents were discussed.  When used, these types of documents can help increase standardization and decrease the effort to initiate, plan, and execute a project.  The following are some of the types of templates mentioned.
    • Project Charter Template
    • Project Scope Template
    • Project Plan Template
    • Test Plan Template
  • Project Management Apps – There are many project management applications which are invaluable to project managers.  Here is a list of some of the applications discussed during the hangout.
    • MS Project – This is an industry standard published by Microsoft, Corp.
    • CobaltPM – This is an online project management solution.
    • Quickbase – This is an online project management solution provided by Intuit, Inc.
      • A member of the community, Alex Forbes suggested this application and can be contacted for more information.
  • Project Portfolio Management (PPM) / Enterprise Project Management (EPM) – These types of solutions are enterprise solutions which provide a view of all projects in the portfolio.
    • MS Project Server – This is an EPM solution developed by Microsoft, Corp.
    • Clarity – This is a PPM solution developed by CA Technologies
  • Collaboration Tools – collaboration tools can be very beneficial to project managers when communicating with their team.
    • SharePoint – This is a collaboration tool developed by Microsoft, Corp.
    • Instant messenger (IM) – There are several solutions for instant messaging.  No specific tool was mentioned.
    • Video Conferencing
      • WebEx – This is an online meeting solution by Cisco.
      • Live Meeting – This is an online meeting solution by Communiqué Conferencing, Inc. and hosted by Microsoft.
  • Reminders – Mohieddine Saadeh from the community suggested the following tool to help remind him of tasks and follow-up items.
  • Meeting Notes Tools
    • One Note – Is a great tool for taking notes.  This is published by Microsoft, Corp.
    • Evernote – Is a great tool which allows you to take notes and access those notes from multiple devices.

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