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Sensible Project Manager Hangout 2

Sensible Project Manager Hangout 2

“Project Management Leadership Styles” was the topic for the 2nd hangout of the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community. In this community of project managers and others who enjoy discussing project management topics, we have a weekly hangout which is hosted via Google+ Hangout.  These hangouts are held each Friday at 9:00am pacific time.  Up to 10 people can join the hangout and those not making it to the hangout can view the conversation via Hangouts “On-Air”.

In this hangout, we discussed different types of leadership styles as follows:

  • Visionary
    • This is the type of leader that provides direction to the team.
    • They define the vision and let the team innovate how to deliver a solution that meets the vision.
  • Coaching
    • This leader will spend time one-on-one with team members helping them develop.
    • They help team members grow during the project.
  • Team Leader
    • This type of leader emphasizes team work.
    • They motivate the team to work together to deliver the solution of the project.
  • Democratic
    • The democratic leader uses the strengths of individual team members to deliver the solution.
    • They foster the collective wisdom of the team.
  • Pacesetting
    • The pacesetter will push their team to deliver better and faster.
    • This is a high performance type of leader.
  • Commanding
    • The commanding type of leader is a military style of leadership.
    • It is usually “my way” to accomplish the goals of the project.
    • The most important thing during the project is to just get it done.
  • Servant Leader
    • The servant leader is always looking for ways to help the team.
    • This type of leader works to remove roadblocks so the team can be successful.

Different examples of the types of leaders were discussed.  Often many of us will adjust our leadership styles depending on some of these factors:

  • Company environment
  • Team members needs
  • Project Manager personality

Also, many find it effective to use a mix of these type of leadership styles.

The DISC tool was also discussed which provides a means to measure the type of personalities of team members.  More can be read about DISC by visiting

Feel free to leave a comment on this post describing the type of leadership style you use and why.

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