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SensiblePM 015 | Europe #PMFlashBlog “Project Management Around the World”

SensiblePM 015 | Europe #PMFlashBlog “Project Management Around the World”

Project Management Around the World European style is the topic of this podcast. This is the second in a series covering the second round of the #PMFlashBlog where project management bloggers around the world are sharing their thoughts about what project management is like in their part of the world. In this episode, Lindsay Scott, and Angel Berniz share their posts and discuss trends they are seeing in their part of Europe.

This episode was a recording of #PMHangout33 which was held as part of the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community hosted on Google+ Hangouts On-Air.

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Highlights from these European Project Management Bloggers

Lindsay Scott

Lindsay Scott resides in the United Kingdom and is the Director of Arras People, the programme and project management recruitment specialists. She took the opportunity to share the findings from the annual Project Management Benchmark Report produced by Arras People. The report provides a fascinating view into what project management in the UK is like.

Angel Berniz

Angel Berniz resides in Madrid Spain who blogs about project management at and Angel shared two posts with us. One in which he describes what project management is like in Spain. In his second post, he did a wonderful job of documenting different project management organizations around the world.

You can find a list of all of the “Project Management Around the World – #PMFlashBlog” blog posts below on this page. This list will continue to grow until we have heard from project managers from all around the world.

Resources and Links discussed in this episode

Lindsay Scott

You will find Lindsay’s blog post Project Management Around the World – UK on the How to Manage a Camel website.

Angel Berniz

You will find Angel’s blog post Project Management Around the World – Spain #PMFlashBlog at his ProjectDirectors website.
Angel wrote a second post Project Management Around the World – Europe #PMFlashBlog at his ProjectManagers website, which is a great resource about project management organizations around the world.

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Have you been following the #PMFlashBlog “Project Management Around the World”? Share your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of this page about what you are reading. Specifically, what trends are you seeing in the Euopean posts and how are those trends the same or different than in your part of the world?

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