“Cultural Neuroscience: Cultural Intelligence for Global Project Managers” was the topic for the 23rd hangout of the Sensible Project Manager Hangout Community. Samad Aidane joined Mark Phillipy to discuss how global project managers can benefit from gaining cultural intelligence about their global teams and stakeholders.  The topic for #PMHangout23 was precipitated by a presentation that Samad gave at the October 2013 PMI Global Congress held in New Orleans by the same title.

Samad is the founder of NeuroFrontier.com which is a “leadership development firm bringing together the latest neuroscience research into the social and emotional nature of the brain and leadership insights to help Information Technology and Technical professionals develop their leadership competencies.”  He is also the host of the Guerrilla Project Management Podcast and blogs about other project management topics at GuerrillaProjectManagement.com.

During the hangout Samad shared with us the following concepts.

  • He explained what Cultural Neuroscience is and gave some examples what we learn from the science.
  • We discussed the challenges of leading cross-cultural teams and the importance of understanding how people from different cultures impact the way global project managers lead their teams.
  • Samad explained how Cultural neuroscience is related to cultural intelligence.
  • He shared with us what research is telling us about how culture shapes the way we think.
  • We discussed some examples of how to apply the cultural intelligence to project management and a little bit about an approach Samad developed to improve cultural intelligence.

To learn more about Samad and his work regarding Cultural Neuroscience and Cultural intelligence for leadership and project management, visit his website at NeuroFrontier.com/.

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