In the final session with Naomi Caietti, Jared discovers the final steps required to apply project management behaviors into his personal development plan. In the past three sessions with Naomi she has helped Jared focus on a plan which will help him develop the skills and behaviors that make a successful project manager.

During the Podcast

Applying Project Management Behavior

In episode 25 Naomi shared with us a study called Key Leadership Behaviors to Advance in Project Management. In this study we learned that there are six behaviors that are important for project managers to focus on to be successful in project management. Additionally, there are five more behaviors that are pertinent to both project managers and program managers.

As an aspiring PM, Jared has evaluated his current strengths and behaviors and is developing a personal development plan which will help him leverage his strengths and minimize his behavior gaps. In doing so, he will improve his ability to become a project manager.

Step 3 – Leverage your Strengths & Minimize Behavior Gaps

Naomi has written a blog post which identifies step 3 in Jared’s path to developing himself to become a PM.

The components of step three are:

  • Identify mentors with similar project management behaviors.
  • Participate in projects which will help build targeted project management skills.
  • Attend targeted training that will enhance the project management behaviors.
  • Create an action plan to leverage your strengths and minimize your behavior gaps.

Resources Mentioned this Session

Naomi’s 1st Blogpost: How to Transform from a Project Manager to Project Leader – Part One of Three
Webinar: Key Leadership Behaviors to Advance in Project Management
Naomi’s 3rd Blogpost: How to Transform from a Project Manager to Project Leader – Part Three of Three

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